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University of California San Diego

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute


University of California San Diego

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute


I am Zhongyang Zhang, a Ph.D. student in Mobile Sensing and Ubiquitous Computing Lab, HDSI department, UCSD. My advisor is Dr. Tauhidur Rahman. My research interests are special imaging sensors (i.e., dynamic vision sensor (DVS) and hyperspectral imaging sensor (HSI)), computer vision, deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, digital biomarkers, and mobile health. 


V2CE: Video to Continuous Events Simulator

Zhongyang Zhang, Shuyang Cui, Kaidong Chai, Haowen Yu, Subhasis Dasgupta, Upal Mahbub, Tauhidur Rahman

Submitted to ICRA 2024, 2024

Neuromorphic high-frequency 3D dancing pose estimation in dynamic environment

Zhongyang Zhang, Kaidong Chai, Haowen Yu, Ramzi Majaj, Francesca Walsh, Edward Wang, Hava Siegelmann, Donghyun Kim, Tauhidur Rahman

Elsevier Neurocomputing, 2023 Aug

Prefrontal modulation of frustration-related physiology in preschool children ranging from low to severe irritability

Adam S Grabell, Adrelys Mateo Santana, Kari N Thomsen, Katie Gonzalez, Zhongyang Zhang, Zachary Bivins, Tauhidur Rahman

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, vol. 55, Elsevier, 2022, p. 101112

EarlyScreen: Multi-scale Instance Fusion for Predicting Neural Activation and Psychopathology in Preschool Children

Manasa Kalanadhabhatta, Adrelys Mateo Santana, Zhongyang Zhang, Deepak Ganesan, Adam S Grabell, Tauhidur Rahman

Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, vol. 6, ACM New York, NY, USA, 2022, pp. 1--39

Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution in Arbitrary Input-Output Band Settings

Zhongyang Zhang, Zhiyang Xu, Zia Ahmed, Asif Salekin, Tauhidur Rahman

Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, 2022, pp. 749--759

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